Make Some Noise For The Planet

I was asked by re:ply skateboards to make an artwork for the ‘For Cop’s Sake’ skateboard art exhibition (in collaboration with Route One and Forum Auctions). The exhibition took place in Glasgow during COP26 and the 60+ artworks were auctioned raising £22,000 for the Environmental Justice Foundation

For my contribution I made an album – Make Some Noise For The Planet – 40 minutes of music created by playing a re:ply skateboard as a percussion instrument through some guitar effects pedals. I made one physical copy of the album which I recorded to an old cassette and attached to the deck. 

The cassette and deck sold at the auction and I won’t be making any other physical copies. But I would like to continue to raise money for the Environmental Justice Foundation so I have decided to make a slightly different digital version of the album available. 

Make Some Noise For The Planet is now available either as a download (via Bandcamp) or with an accompanying fine art print (via MakeRoom). 

If you would like a copy of my hand drawn cover artwork as a fine art print, 20cm x 20cm on heavy weight matt art paper for £20. (£12 covers print costs and I will donate my £8 profit to EJF). You can purchase it by clicking the thumbnail below.

MakeRoom are a new service offering on-demand printing of high quality art prints. By using a network of 50+ fine art printers across the world they are able to find the nearest printer to you and greatly reduce any shipping emissions – more information here. Once you have purchased a print, forward your receipt to me at: and you will receive a download link.