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2022 Morgan Szymanski and Tommy Perman Music for the Moon and the Trees. 12″ vinyl LP / digital, Blackford Hill, UK [Bandcamp]

2021 Tommy Perman Make Some Noise For The Planet. One-off 40 minute cassette tape, skateboard with hand engraved lettering. ‘For Cops’ Sake’, Glasgow, UK [Bandcamp]

2020 Simon Kirby, Tommy Perman and Rob St John Sing the Gloaming. 10″ vinyl record and artist’s book / digital streaming platforms, Blackford Hill, UK [Bandcamp]

2019 Modern Studies and Tommy Perman Emergent Slow Arcs, 12″ vinyl LP in hand-finished sleeve / DL. Fire Records, UK [Discogs]

2016 Simon Kirby, Tommy Perman and Rob St John Score Tae The Toor, Artists’ Book and CD, Random Spectacular, UK [Discogs]

2015 Simon Kirby, Tommy Perman and Rob St John Concrete Antenna, Random Spectacular, UK [Discogs]

2014 MISCI, Chthonic Cities. Carl Turney & Brian Campbell / Tommy Perman & Rob St John. Cassette / DL, Folklore Tapes, UK [Discogs]

2013 eagleowl This Silent Year CD / LP / DL, Fence Records / Lost Map Records, UK (Producer) [Discogs]

2011 FOUND factorycraft, CD / LP / DL, Chemikal Underground, UK [Discogs]

2008 FOUND Can Found Move (Remix Album), CD, self-release, UK

2007 FOUND This Mess We Keep Reshaping, CD album, Fence Records, UK [Discogs]

2006 FOUND Found Can Move, CD album, Surface Pressure Records, UK [Discogs]

2005 FOUND homespun, Live Album, CD, self-release, UK

Singles / EPs

2022 Hanna Tuulikki and Tommy Perman Echo in the Dark EP: Daubenton’s Bat, Common pipistrelle and Soprano pipistrelle. Lathe-cut 7″ single / DL, Blackford Hill, UK

2019 Modern Studies and Tommy Perman Spectral Cannon. Digital streaming platforms / DL, Fire Records, UK

2019 Modern Studies and Tommy Perman Faraway Hills. Digital streaming platforms / DL, Fire Records, UK

2019 Modern Studies and Tommy Perman Ephemerist Mist. Digital streaming platforms / DL, Fire Records, UK

2013 Tommy Perman & Rob St John, Water of Life, 7″ vinyl with 6 art prints, self-release,UK

2013 ComputerScheisse These Beautiful Minds, DL, Phuturelabs, UK

2011 FOUND Johnny I Can’t Walk the Line, DL, Chemikal Underground, UK [Discogs]

2011 FOUND Anti Climb Paint, 7″ single (edible / playable chocolate record), Chemikal Underground, UK [Discogs]

2011 FOUND Machine Age Dancing, 7″ single, Chemikal Underground, UK [Discogs]

2009 FOUND vs TOOB Reshapes, 12″ / DL, Process Recordings, UK [Discogs]

2009 FOUND The Fidelities EP, 12″ / CD, Aufgeladen Und Bereit, DE) / Fence Records, UK [Discogs]

2008 FOUND You’re really Quite the Catch, 7″ single, Fence Records, UK [Discogs]

2008 FOUND Some Fracas Of A Sissy EP, 7″ single, Aufgeladen Und Bereit, DE [Discogs]

2007 FOUND Something Under The Bed is Drooling, 7″ single, Fence Records, UK [Discogs]

2007 FOUND Etiquette, CD EP promotional release for MAGAZINE 07, ESW, UK [Discogs]

2007 FOUND 10×10:04, 10″ EP, De-Fence Records, UK [Discogs]

2007 FOUND Synth Like Minds, 7″, Augeladen und Bereit, DE [Discogs]

2007 FOUND Static 68, 7″, Creeping Bent Organisation, UK [Discogs]

2006 FOUND Mullokian, 7″ single, Surface Pressure Records, UK (own record label) [Discogs]

2003 FOUND Random Audio Therapy Unit v3.0, 12″ EP self-release, UK [Discogs]

2002 ESC Secrets of the Soul, 12″ EP. Seminal Emissions, UK [Discogs]


2022 Peace and Plenty, DL, Blackford Hill, UK

2020 Transmissions Volume 1, CD / DL, Blackford Hill, UK

2019 The Outer Limits, CD, Fire Records, UK [Discogs]

2014 Various ?? Song, By Toad Records – Fifth Anniversary Box Set, Song, By Toad Records, UK [Discogs]

2009 Original and Quirky 2, Cavendish Music, UK [Discogs]

2009 The Mill Compilation, Miller, UK

2009 Showcasing Scotland SxSW 2009, Scottish Arts Council, UK 

2009 Limbo Live Vol 01, Make Good Music, UK

2006 Get While the Getting’s Good, Aufgeladen Und Bereit, DE [Discogs]

2006 Surface Textures Rust, Surface Pressure Records / Gdansk, UK 

2005 Music Volume Three, Benbecula Records, UK [Discogs]


2014 FOUND Great Circle. Apple App Store / Chemikal Underground, UK.


2022 Hidden Orchestra Trunk (Tommy Perman Remix), DL, Minority Records, CZ

2022 Blew the Veils Pearl Night (Tommy Perman Remix), DL, Blackford Hill, UK

2022 Broken Chanter Horse Island (Tommy Perman Mix), DL, Olive Grove Records, UK

2021 Molly Linen A Lot to Give (Tommy Perman Remix), Lost Map Records, UK

2019 SHHE Saint Cyrus Tommy Perman Remix, OLI Records, UK

2015 eagleowl Eagleowl vs. Woodpigeon (I’m Quiet When You’re Not Version – Tommy Perman Remix), cassette, Lost Map Records, UK [Discogs]

2012 Woodenbox Everyone Has A Price (Found Remix), 7″ vinyl, self-release, UK [Discogs]

2009 The Left Outsides, Deep Rivers Move In Silence, Shallow Brooks Are Noisy (FOUND Remix), 7″ vinyl, Hi-Beat Records, UK [Discogs]

2008 King Creosote Leslie (Found’s Bleak Midwinter Version), 7″ vinyl, Names / 679 Recordings, UK [Discogs]

2008 Pictish Trail Winter Home Disco (FOUND Remix), 7″ vinyl, Fence Records, UK [Discogs]

2008 Attic Lights (Bring You Down FOUND’s Cut and Paste Edit), 10″ vinyl, Island Records, UK [Discogs]

2008 Free Blood Grumpy (Found’s Blood Donation), 12″ vinyl, Adventures Close To Home, UK [Discogs]

2008 Make Model The LSB (FOUND Remix), 12″ vinyl, EMI, UK [Discogs]

2007 Make Model The Was (FOUND Was ‘Ere Remix), 7″ vinyl, EMI, UK [Discogs]

2007 Au Revoir Simone Fallen Snow (FOUND Remix), CD, Moshi Moshi Records, UK [Discogs]