Environment and Sustainability

I have made choices to try to reduce the negative impact that my life and work has on the environment. These include the careful consideration of the materials, equipment and processes I use.

In the physical work I make I try to use recycled materials and sustainable resources. I research materials and processes before using them and if they are bad for the environment I look for alternatives.

I stopped flying in 2017 and have made a personal vow to not fly again until it is sustainable. I mostly work from home but if I have to travel I try to use public transport.

I am trying to scale back my digital footprint and use internet providers with good attitudes and practices towards environmental sustainability. My web hosting is currently provided by Krystal.co.uk who are the most eco-friendly host I could find (read more here).

My videos are hosted by Vimeo. They don’t have currently have a publicly visible environment statement. I requested some information from them and received the following response from their customer support department:

Our hosting is currently carbon neutral and our delivery systems are over 50% run with renewable energy. We have an in-house sustainability council that is working to draw down these numbers even further and find other areas for improvement.

Vimeo’s Support Team, October 2021

I also use DropBox who have provided a lot of detail on their environment policy here.

I am trying to remain open to new ideas and I want to learn how to live and work as sustainably as possible. I am happy to get input and thoughts on any of this, please feel free to contact me.