Positive Interactions – album of happy sounds

Positive Interactions record cover. The artwork features a close up photograph of two guinea pigs wrapped in a white blanket. There is a bold graphic design element in the centre of the image which is made of 20 squares set in two rows of 10. Each square is a different colour.

I’ve made an album entirely from happy sounds sent to me by friends from all over the world. I’m giving it away in exchange for happy messages. Find out more here: https://positiveinteractions.space

Since I launched Positive Interactions on 23 January 2021 the response has been incredible. To date I’ve received 1100 happy messages in “payment” for the album. The messages have come from people of all ages from all over the world – you can read them here: positiveinteractions.space/happy-messages/

Positive Interactions in The Happy News, Issue 21

The entire living project is far more than the sum of its valuable parts; Positive Interactions provides an emotional and spiritual lift, a gift to the same universe that gave it birth.

Richard Allen, A Closer Listen

Positive Interactions has been written about on news sites across the world (Belgium, Brazil, France, Greece, Iceland, Mexico, Scotland, Turkey, UK and USA). Features have appeared in Positive News, The Courier, The Big Issue, Country Living, The Happy News, The Rodeo Magazine and Oscillations.

Tracks from the album have been played on FM radio stations in Canada, Germany, UK and USA and numerous online radio shows. I’ve been interviewed about the project on BBC Radio Scotland and BBC Radio 4 and the album inspired a feature across multiple shows of BBC Radio 3’s Late Junction with listeners invited to send in their own happy sounds.