Sing the Gloaming at Sonica Festival

In March 2022 I presented a new iteration of the Sing the Gloaming project for Sonica festival with my collaborators Simon Kirby and Rob St John. We installed eight sculptures in the Hidden Gardens, Glasgow for the duration of the festival (10 – 20 March 2022).

Here’s a description of the work from the festival brochure:

Language research has shown that our ‘light words’ – words like ‘glimmer’, ‘gleam’, ‘gloaming’ – all derive from a single word some five thousand years old. In Sing the Gloaming a series of sound sculptures placed around the Hidden Gardens feature sung ‘light word’ pieces from some of Scotland’s most renowned vocalists, including Aidan Moffat, Emily Scott, SHHE, Hanna Tuulikki and Andrew Wasylyk. Progressing through the installation, audiences will draw towards the sound of the word ‘ghlei’, the linguistic ancestor from which all those modern words for light descend.